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Ready to Go 100% Green ?

Production of carbon-free electricity through wave energy. Our solution is by far a major solution for the transition and energy independence.

Not only does our solution produce the most competitive energy today in order to produce the cheapest Green Hydrogen.

But also allows the desalination of sea water while remedying coastal erosion. A solution that has been completely designed over several years to offer an ultra-elaborated complete all-in-one package.

What is About

Energy Transition & Independence

The economic players involved in the entire dynamic of ports need accessible, competitive and now carbonfree energy, in order to respond to economic challenges that increasingly integrate the carbon footprint into their imperatives.

Major solution for the transition and energy independence, wave energy (sea wave energy) our solution, provides the carbon-free energy that everyone needs, particularly in this environment, a competitive energy to boost maritime and port development thanks to its exclusive advantages :


Provides essential synergies for recurring problems

Non-stop production

A solution that produces continuously 24 hours a day 7 days a week : and this with all waves, even chaotic waves from 5 cm high, while being in phase with consumption (network parity), like the waves which are stronger in the evening and in winter.

Seawater desalination

Thanks to its continuous electricity production, a solution wich is a strategic ally in the production of fresh water.

Pure water :

1 MW → 6,000,000 liters per day.

hace wave energy image

Very Competitive Energy

Our solution produces a highly competitive energy in order to produce the cheapest green hydrogen. Competitive :

< €25/MWh

< €15/MWh on fields > 1 GW.

Less than 1 €/Kg H2 on fields > 1GW = Clean mobility, Carbon-free hydrogen steel, Green chemistry : Ammonia (NH3) for fertilizers, etc.

the most decarbonized

A solution produces the most carbon-free energy in the world :

Decarbonized :

(< 1 g CO2 eq/KWh).


Many complementary and necessary uses

coastal erosion

The Wave Motor is the only machine that currently exists and which combines several functionalities and effectively ensures protection against coastal erosion.

offshore service station

By offering the possibility of refueling with hydrogen at sea, our solution represents a service station within reach of fishing boats, freight, etc.) wherever they are, pushing maritime transport towards a futuristic decarbonized & accessible path.

hace wave energy image

storable & transportable

Green hydrogen can be in synergy with the hydrogen ecosystem of our solution’s partners.

Through H2 containers from 350 kW to 1 MW of electrical power, 5 kW portable fuel cells, portable H2 tanks (cars, boats, agricultural vehicles, etc.)

ports, marinas, isolated sites

Wave energy modules can be used as a floating pontoon for installations such as ports, offshores & marinas while being environmentally friendly. With their limited impact on the maritime domain, wave energy also allows the electrification of isolated sites, opening up various possibilities on the marine coast.

synergy & complement

Wave energy stabilizes offshore wind turbines by doubling production, while pooling submarine cables. A total complete synergy with industrial infrastructure.


Eco designed 100% recyclable & Anchors to increase biodiversity

The approach adopted integrates eco-designed practices, with a guarantee of 100% recyclability, and includes anchoring devices aimed at promoting an increase in biodiversity.

HACE’s mission is to be part of an ecological design, in agreement with all maritime users and operators, while ensuring its effectiveness on four fundamental and essential aspects :


Euro Maintenance 4.0 image

No Visual Pollution

Less than 3 meters above the sea water. Wave engines are invisible and preserve the landscape, whether installed offshore or near the coast.

Asset Performance 4.0 image

No Drilling, No Concrete

Our technological solution avoids the need for offshore drilling, thus preserving respect for the seabed. A key element for the conservation of biodiversity.

Asset Performance 4.0 image

Respect For The Seabed

Thanks to our intelligent anchoring, our solution power plants enable the redevelopment of underwater fauna & flora. This helps regenerate food sources for the marine animals.

Asset Performance 4.0 image

Maritime Professionals Solution

A technology designed to meet the needs of maritime professionals, its compact modular design and universal ergonomics, facilitate maintenance accessible to all.


A solution with a clean energy source that meets all requirements


Recognition & distinctions

Have a project ?

Our solution is scalable and easy to assemble on site. Would you like to collaborate with us? Do not hesitate to contact us.

The energy, economic, climate and strategic emergency

Our solution responds to the energy, climate, economic and strategic emergency, because it is very quick to manufacture, install and implement with durable and profitable materials.

In fact, this solution was designed to be scalable and industrializable in large series : once the objective has been defined, the implementation of the industrial tool can be envisaged in approximately one year, if all the financing and authorizations have been obtained at the prior.

With an additional increase in load of one year for the factories, it is then possible to produce more than 2000 MW per year or 10 GW (potential 200 GW) over the following 5 years, or 7 years in total for a production of the order of 60 TWh/year.

Only ENR to produce more than 8000h/year, <20€/MWh, <0.5g CO2 eq/KWh, designed to be assembled and used everywhere very quickly to respond to the climate emergency, with a scalable economic model with self-powered BFR , in addition, alone in ensuring protection against coastal erosion.

Hace technology harnesses wave energy for carbon-free electricity, making a notable contribution to the shift toward energy independence. It not only produces competitive energy for cost-effective Green Hydrogen but also supports seawater desalination and addresses coastal erosion concerns.



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